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Welcome to Musings of a stoic INTJ

My name is Jared, I am an English mid 30's imperfect human being, who has been practicing stoicism for a few years now after a chance encounter in a used book store with Marcus Aurelius' Meditations, which lead me to discovering the philosophy of stoicism. This is my passion project on the side as I work full time and I shall be covering various topics and reflections, such as stoic philosophy and the cardinal virtues, current events, personal anecdotes, and likely a whole host of other things in between. So, what's with all the wolf imagery? Well, on the Myers-Briggs 16 types personality indicator I come out as an INTJ, we're sometimes known as lone wolves for our self sufficiency, love of solitude, deep introversion and few friends (out of choice, I should add) and our ability to go against the crowd and back our own views without feeling the need to conform. I hope you enjoy my content and keep checking back for more.

Image by Virginia Johnson
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